Party FAQ

What are the packages? There are two packages that we offer year round.  They are the Snowflake and the Iceberg. (We do not have any Frozen "packages" but the character(s) may be added on to any of the packages.)

Is the lesson included with the package?  Yes!  If your child and/or your guests have little to no skating experience then a lesson is just what they need.  The party lesson is designed for beginners but can be made more challenging if the skaters already know how to skate independently.  There is a lot to learn in skating! 

How many skaters can take the lesson?  For ages 6 and up there is a maximum of 10 skaters per coach for group lesson.  If you will have 10 or more skaters (max of 20 skaters) participating in the lesson, we can arrange for additional coach ($45).  For ages turning 4 or 5, there is a maximum of 10 kids total age 5 and under please!  Two coaches come with the Snowflake package.

How many tables are included?  Two rectangular tables per party are included, one 6' and one 8' end to end (there is not a fee per table, that is just what will fit in the space.)

Can we only skate during the lesson?  No, the skating is unlimited from the time you arrive until the time the session is over.

Can we go out in our shoes? No, all participants must have a paid admission and skate rental sticker and wear skates.  There are no shoes allowed on the ice surface.

How long do we get the table for?  The table time is 2 hours

Do non-skaters have to pay admission?  There is no charge for spectators but no one in shoes is allowed on the ice surface and the paid admission stickers are not transferable to other people.

What is the deposit?  A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a party package please.  The deposit is $100.00 for the Snowflake package or Iceberg packages.  This is NOT a booking fee, it goes toward the cost of the package.  I can take a credit card over the phone, it isn't necessary to come to the rink but you are welcome to if you would like to.  Appointments are preferred if you would like to book in person.

Can I bring my own food, drinks, decorations?  You may bring any food or drinks you like except for glass containers, popcorn and alcohol.  For decorations we do not allow gillter (including glitter on clothing), silly string or confetti (including the metallic kind).  There is a $25 cleaning charge if you bring any of these types of deocrations.  Not only is it a mess, it is a safety hazard.  Your cooperation with this is appreciated.  We can provide pizza, hot chocolate, soda or non-carbonated lemonade, bottled water and balloons if you would like help with any of this (these are all add ons to the party and not included in package costs).

What Chaparral Ice can provide for food/beverages/decorations/entertainment: (called additional items or add ons)

*Having a Frozen themed party?  Have Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and/or Olaf attend your party!  Elsa or Olaf are $82.50/hour (each).  We are currently having a sale on Anna for $60/hour.  This needs be planned two weeks in advance (preferred) and is on a first come, first served basis.  Minimum amount of time is one hour to reserve.  The character(s) generally come out at the end of the lesson and this is a good time to take a group photo.  The character(s) do skate with anyone that would like to as well for as long as you like during the hour and/or visit the room, take pictures, etc.  They are yours for the hour until they have to go back to Arendelle

*Hot chocolate is $45 for 18 servings or $60 for 24 servings (Made with milk and Ghirardelli chocolate, includes cups and napkins.  A serving is 8 ounces.) The hot chocolate will be delivered while the lesson is underway so it will be there when the lesson is over for everyone to enjoy unless a different time is requested.

*8 oz. bottles are $0.50 each

*Soda: We can provide 2-liter drinks in carbonated sodas or non-carbonated lemonade, $3 each  We will provide cups upon request if you order drinks through Chaparral Ice.

*Additional skaters over the 10 included in the package @ $11 each which includes admission and skate rental for ages 6 and up and $5 for ages 3-5.

*Pizza:  A large one-topping is $12 (there is also a flat $2.50 delivery fee no matter how many pizzas you order)  Domino’s provides plates and napkins upon request if you order pizza through Chaparral Ice.    The regular pizza delivery time is immediately after the lesson unless a different time is requested.

*Balloons: Non-metallic/non-pearlized are $1.50 each.  If your order 12-23 then you get a $2 discount, if you order 24-35 then you get a $4 discount.  We have all the colors of the rainbow and some others as well so we can match just about any theme.

Metallic or pearlized (gold and/or silver only) are $2.00 each with the same multi-discount as above.

*Table covers: There is no charge for this but we do ask that you request it in advance please.  We have blue, green, and red disposable, plastic covers.

*Gloves: $3 each if you order 10 or more or $3.95 each for 9 or fewer

*Hockey pucks: $1.50 each if you order 10 or more or $2 each for fewer than 10

When are the parties?  A party may be on any public session (pending staff availability for weekdays/holidays) but most parties are on Saturday afternoon.  Our current public session hours on Saturday are from 12 noon - 2:30 pm (occasionally until 2 pm), Sunday from 4:15-5:45 pm.  (Sunday public will change to 12-2:30 pm on Sunday, 3/18/18).  Please check our website for Saturday evening hours as they vary week to week..  Please check the website for skating hours during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays as it is longer than our regular hours). 


The Snowflake package is for kids TURNING age 4 or 5.  $200 which includes two coaches since the younger kids need more help.  Please remember that there is a maximum of 10 kids age 3-5 for the Snowflake package please.

The Iceberg package is for kids turninng age 6 and up and adults and is offered year round for $230.  The coach for the lesson is for up to 10 skaters age 6 and up participating in the lesson.  A second coach can be secured for large parties for 11-20 skaters for $45 plus the admission and skate rental for the additional skaters at $11 per skater.

Glacier parties are offered spring break through October.  A Glacier party is where a temporary wall can be built on the ice to create a private skating area of approximately 40'x85'!  Includes everything from the Iceberg package and the private skating area!  $365

Please email for more information (address below).  When sending an email, please include desired date(s) if known, age the birthday child/children will be turning and a contact phone number in email.  Any coupons or discounts must be mentioned when booking party.  Discounts are off party package only, not add-ons.  Please understand that we can not meet with you discuss group and/or party reservations on Saturday or Sunday during public session hours or on weekday holidays since we are assisting groups/parties in progress.  If you would like to come and see the facility, please email for an appointment.

What you can do to help: Please add to your acceptable addresses so messages won't go to spam.  Please add the rink's phone number to your contacts temporariy so you'll know when we are calling.  Please give instructions to your guests regarding our location, the waivers and what to wear.

Location: 2525 W. Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78757 (The location in Pflugerville off of IH-35 is closed.)

Waivers:  All skaters (including adults) need a signed waiver.  If you are bringing a minor with you or they are riding with another adult, it is best if that child's parent/guardian signs their waiver.  The link to it on our website is below.

What to wear:   It is about 45 degrees in our facility year round no matter what the temperature is outside.  Skaters need long pants, TALL socks that go above the top of the skating boot, a coat or jacket.  Gloves are recommended, especially for younger children but are helpful for all ages.  A helmet is recommended but not required.  Scarves, ear muffs, knee pads, etc are optional and double socks are not needed (can actually make skate fitting/comfort worse).

Minimum of two weeks advance reservation preferred but parties can be booked with less time if space and staff are available.  You will need more time during the busy season between October through February to get best choice of available times.  The public session schedule is subject to change without notice for special events.  Please check the website for updates.

(All participants who wish to skate on the ice at any time must have a paid admission and skate rental sticker and wear skates.)

  Contact Mindy at or 512-252-8500 ext. 124to find out why EVERYTHING'S COOLER ON ICE for pricing and details.  

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