For Hockey Buffs

As the only NHL regulation-sized rink available to the public, Chaparral Ice functions as the rink-of-choice for a variety of athletic groups. Its most high-profile residents are the American Hockey League's Texas Stars professional team and the University of Texas club team, both of whom practice at the facility. Chaparral Ice also hosts a variety of amateur teams, from 5-year-old “Mini-Mites” up to adult recreational leagues.

With programs catering to both recreational and competitive players, Chaparral has something for hockey buffs of any skill level who want the same ice experience as the local pros. Fittingly, Chaparral Ice is home to the Texas Junior Stars, Austin’s highest-level competitive youth hockey club whose staff includes former pros and NCAA Division 1 coaches. In 2017, the introduction of Smarthockey and the Francis Wathier Hockey Academy training and instruction programs is set to propel Chaparral Ice’s leagues and players to new heights.

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Adult Hockey League

Our adult hockey league structure can provide every adult player with a non-check, competitive league to fit and challenge their playing level.



Welcome to the 2019 Chaparral Ice Spring Adult hockey season! We have a ton of awesome things happening at Chaparral.

Hopefully most of you have all heard the great news about the building of a new sports facility including 2 new sheets of ice. We are hopeful that this new project will be complete by early 2020. In preparation for expansion to Cedar Park with Chaparral @ iSports, we are starting to realign all other programming nights at Chaparral with the future goal of having a set North and South Division with limited out-of-division regular season play and NHL style playoffs between Divisions.

What this means to you as a hockey player is that the schedule for the 2019 adult season will reflect a schedule that more closely resembles the scheduling of the past. Meaning, we will not announce divisions playing on a set night, but rather list the nights each division will NOT play games on (refer to the league information document). This is to minimize conflict with other options you may have and allow you to make choices and/or participate in multiple leagues.

However, once the new facility is complete, we will go to set nights of the week for each division as this appears to be the trend that most of the hockey community prefers. We hope that you all choose to continue to participate in our league that you have helped form and make so great over the seasons. Players from this coming Fall/ Winter league will be given priority registration for Chaparral at iSports.


Stay up to date on Chaparral expansion to iSports:


If you have any interest in being part of the investment team, please contact Ryan Raya at or Eric Perardi at

Texas Rising Stars

Chaparral Ice's Texas Rising Stars participate in the Austin Metro Hockey League.  We focus on the American Development Model player development, fun, and building the foundation to create hockey players who are passionate about the game of hockey. 

2018 Youth Summer Hockey Offerings at Chaparral Ice Click HERE

2018 Youth Summer Advanced Body Contact and Checking Clinic Click HERE

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Texas JUNIOr StarS

The Texas Junior Stars (TJS) is the competitive travel program in Central Texas that participates in the Dallas Metro Hockey League (DSTHL). The players on the TJS teams are selected from a tryout process and play against highly-competitive travel hockey teams from across Texas and Oklahoma as well as compete in invitational tournaments against teams from all over the country. The main goals of the program are to develop high-level hockey players on the ice and well-rounded citizens off the ice.

2018 Summer Sessions Click HERE

2018 Youth Summer Advanced Body Contact and Checking Clinic Click HERE

High School Hockey

Chaparral Ice offers a fun and competitive league for recreational and competitive hockey plays in Austin. All high school aged students for the 2018-19 school year are eligible. Home-schooled players are welcome to participate in the league but must show proof of age/grade level.

Highlights for 2018-19 Season:

  • Training camp September 22/23

  • Team practices start late September

  • Games begin in Late October / Early November

  • Individual team coaches

  • Non-Checking (This has been implemented in many areas across the country to great success)

  • 60-min. games

  • 4 teams (more if #s require)

  • During regular season, rotation of 3 games and 1 practice monthly.

  • Tentatively, Sunday night ice times for games/practices primarily utilizing the H-E-B Center.


UNiversity of Texas club Hockey

Texas Ice Hockey is now in its 16th year and was established to provide the University of Texas with a nationally-competitive outlet for UT student athletes who enjoy playing hockey. The team is sponsored by the Division of Recreational Sports within the university. The team camaraderie built on the 40 acres is an experience second to none, and with the growing awareness of hockey both in Austin and the UT community, the program continues to expand each season.

AUSTIN BLADES (Sled Hockey) 

The Austin Blades is a Sled Hockey team for kids, teens and adults for physically disabled individuals.. The age range for the Junior team is 5 years old to 17 years old.  There is no age limit for the adult team.

The Blades provide an on ice skating experience for children and adults with physical disabilities by introducing them to the competitive sport of sled hockey.   

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Texas Stars (AHL) 

ATX will be the training home for an American Hockey League team. They play in Cedar Park, Texas, near Austin. They are owned by the NHL’s Dallas Stars, and are that team’s top affiliate.