Assumption of Risk: I am aware that ice skating, hockey, broomball, and/or other activities, including spectating events at an ice arena (the "Activities"), involve inherent risks, dangers and hazards which can result in serious personal injury or death. I hereby freely and voluntarily agree to assume and accept all known and unknown risks of injury arising out of my participation in the Activities or my presence at the ice arena, including the risk of personal injury or death, and the risk of lost, stolen or damaged property, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to the actual event or Activity.  I recognize and acknowledge that risks associated with the Activities can be greatly reduced by: taking lessons, abiding by the Responsibility Code, following posted notices and warnings, and using common sense.  Release and waiver of Claims: For allowing me to participate in the Activities at Chaparral Ice, I agree to the fullest extent permitted by law as follows: 1) TO WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS OR ACTIONS that I may have against Chaparral Ice, its employees, agents, officers, directors, owners and affiliates, for any such personal injury. 2) TO RELEASE Chaparral Ice, its employees, agents, officers, directors, owners and affiliates from all liability for any loss, damage, injury, or expense that I (or my next of kin, parent, guardian, estate) may suffer, whatsoever, including negligence or breach of contract on the part of Chaparral Ice in the operation, supervision, design or maintenance of its facility. Chaparral Ice may revoke this license and eject or refuse entry to the holder for violation of venue rules, illegal activity, misconduct or failure to comply with any and all safety and security measures.