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Chaparral Ice is Austin’s premiere ice facility located at the heart of Northcross Center

Today, the facility is a gathering place for communities of figure skaters, hockey fans, kids’ camps and snow-shy Texans looking to escape the summer sun

Fast Facts:

  • Chaparral Ice has been a fixture of the Austin community for over 20 years.
  • The facility hosts over 150,000 visitors annually through its diverse programming and wide variety of activities
  • The NHL-regulation rink, with 29,000 square feet of ice in total, is the only publicly accessible rink of its kind in the city.
  • The facilities are on track to be remodeled this summer and debuted in time for the winter, with notable additions including heated spectator seating, a new sports bar and a general revitalization of the space.

Our Staff

Here To Serve You

Executive Staff

In the best combination of figure skating, hockey, field sports, and so much more, our executive staff have teamed up to provide you with the best programs possible! You won’t want to miss anything they do! 

Angie Vaught

Chief Executive Officer

Mitch Sanik

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Vester

Operations Director

Jenna Hubbard

Technology Coordinator

Kristen Scheppler

Asst. Learn to Skate Director

Mindy Hubbard

Human Resources

Jason Maurer

Pro Shop Manager and Scheduling

Noah Maddex

Adult Hockey Director

Matt Topham

Field Sports Director

Chaz Henry

Youth Hockey Director

Jacob Stevens

Camp Director

Lila Werner

Event Coordinator

Peggy Sue Grant

Northcross Operations Manager

Josh Powell

Customer Service Lead

Jeff Kriz

Operations Manager


No ordinary skaters or coaches!

We are in a unique situation in Austin, with many skaters and coaches joining the Chaparral family due to its proximity to the world- class University of Texas. We count among our current family and alumni not only skating coaches with impressive competitive and performance resumes, but also numerous highly skilled professionals, including Ph.D.s and college professors, doctors, attorneys, astronomers, engineers, archaeologists, and more. Our skaters tend to excel in high school and college, seeking rigorous curricula and honors programs.


We believe the dedication and discipline required to be successful in figure skating lends itself to other areas of participants’ lives, teaching them the life skills they need to be equally successful in these demanding vocations.

Charnell Evans

Learn to Skate & Private Lesson Coach

Dawn Dudley

Learn to Skate & Private Lesson Coach

Renae Sundgren

Learn to Skate & Private Lesson Coach

Kelly Liang

Learn to Skate & Private Lesson Coach

Rick Reyor

Learn to Skate & Private Lesson Coach

Sara Tusken

Learn to Skate & Private Lesson Coach

Kevin Garrett

Learn to Skate & Private Lesson Coach

Sarah Lee

Learn to Skate & Private Lesson Coach

Carly Tremewan

Learn to Skate & Private Lesson Coach

Zoltan Lengyel

Speed Skating Coach

Peggy Sue Grant

Learn to Skate Coach

Sarah Easter

Learn to Skate Coach

Coach Name

Learn to Skate & Private Lesson Coach

Sjoukje Brown

Learn to Skate Coach

Coach Name

Learn to Skate & Private Lesson Coach

Photo Not Available

Learn to Skate Coaches: Alejandro Aristizabal Farah, Maddie Farrell, Violet Haley, Braedon Rundquist, Emily Schalchlin, Riley Shin, Jordan Tucker. 

Learn to Skate & Private Lesson Coaches: Michele Bacon, Karen Christensen, Sasha Hospital, Rhea Nelson, Suzanne Tieck, Jo-Anna Westergren.

Hockey Learn to Skate Coaches: Jesse Bryant, Averi Floyd, Abbey Hrovatin, Jordan Kendall, Thomas Maddex, Ryan Maynard, Travis Skender.

Operations Staff

Comprised of figure skaters and hockey players alike our operations staff strive for a high level of excellence and work diligently to ensure a smooth customer experience both on and off the ice. You will never catch these guys slacking when it comes to providing the best ice possible! Don’t forget to wave at them on the zam!

Rich McGovern

Assistant Operations Director

Connor Edwards

Operations Manager

Logan Fair

Operations Manager

August Bell

Operations Manager

Dean Carls

Operations Manager

Nick Boland

Operations Manager

Ops Name

Operations Manager

Fez Munoz

Operations Manager

Ops name

Operations Manager

Chaparral Ice is always looking to add motivated, ice-loving team members!

Contact us for current career opportunities